In nearly thirty years of activity, the constant factor in our work is our determination to achieve excellence. The constant feature of these thirty years of work has been the pursuit of quality: from the early stages of design to the packaging that accompanies the finished piece. This commitment has been recognised by our customers: we are now the largest goldsmith's shop in the city and are also appreciated by tourists visiting Trieste.

In addition, we strive to give our activity an "ethical" character: that's why we only sell diamonds guaranteed "conflict free", that is, from legitimate sources not involved in war funding, as required by the Kimberley Process.

In compliance with environmentally friendly and traditional methods, in our work we use recycled gold and silver and we do not produce processing waste.

All our jewellery bears the law-compliant hallmarks: gold (750) and silver (925) fineness as well as 60TS, which is the number that identifies us in the Jewellery Manufacturers' Register at the Chamber of Commerce. We also obtained permission from the Metric Office to mark our jewels with the "Artrè" hallmark, which is a registered trademark.

We provide full, long-term service for our products both as regards normal maintenance (threading of pearls and semiprecious stones, polishing, etc..) and repair of any damage.